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Redstarr Entertainment Magazine, LLC, located at 210 E. Elm Street will be holding the following event in New Albany, Indiana on June 24th and 25th. Bring talented folks from across the globe that is sure to be a unique and memorable occasion. It will drive revenue straight to the merchants of New Albany. This is free event to the public. Hours will be from 9 am till 7pm.
New Albany has many venues, shops and restaurants four blocks from the river. 

We won't have any food booths as we encourage our members to visit the great and comfortable town of New Albany.

We will have booth space available for $50 per day. This is a creative group of people who will bring songwriting, story telling, canvas art, movie producers, authors, actors, actresses, custom jewelry from the heart of Nashville along with many other talents. Seasoned and decorated artists who are also great people.

To date we have these confirmations to perform:

Ray Haste - Ky actor, singer, songwriter, film, editing

Angie Senger - AZ Award winning songwriter

Adam Wayne - Minnesota writer, performer, owner of Madalin Records

Deb Ziems - Nashville, writer, artist

Timothy Mcgeary - Naples, Florida actor, writer, singer, decorated paramedic

Don Joyand Melanie Rustemeyer Berhorst - Missouri Best Traditional Country Award this year.

Sandy Lucas-Hardin, KY/IN/TN, writer, artist, publisher of magazine, singer, host

Jimmy James Jernigan- South Carolina actor, performer, writer Timmy Mcdonald- Canada songwriter

Bill Clark- Colorado songwriter

Ray Giles- Nashville, TN, songwriter

Gail Kamer- KY author

Elda Rivera- world famous custom jewelry

and accessories.

Sean Burton Saunders VilleTV, actor, drummer - Louisville, movie producer

Jim Schmitt- Louisville

Ray Giles - Nashville, TN

Nick Hall - KY Actor, songwriter

Please do check our site at

If you have any questions or would like to sponsor or obtain a booth, please don't hesitate to call.
502-650-0927 or send us an email at


Sandy Hardin

Founder & President of Redstarr Entertainment Magazine, LLC.