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 If you like my music you can always request it on Country Radio, our new single
is now being played on radio across the nation!

Thanks Adam Wayne.
TJ Casey
Inspiring young people has to be one of the top things you can achieve in life. Here you see REM member, author, and Gail Kamer, sharing the children's book Fang Sang. Illustrated by Sandy Hardin :-)
More about the book....
Love to get mail 📫 Today's surprise was REM member Bill Clark and his great CD The Man I Am 🎶
Million Dollar Quartet is coming soon to ZACH Theatre in Austin, Texas! July 26-September 3! Rehearsals are already underway for what'll prove to be one unforgettable show. For tickets call ZACH's Box Office: 512-476-0541 or online at

Sam Phillips: Jeff Jeffers
Elvis: Cole
Johnny Cash: Corbin Mayer
Carl Perkins: Billy Cohen
Jerry Lee Lewis: Gavin Rohrer
Dyanne: Emily Farr
Brother Jay: Adam Egizi
Fluke: Zach Yanez 

  If you are looking for Spirit filled reading, I urge you to check out his latest book, "Finding TRUE Value". It's a book that can be shared with those who straddle the fence or who want nothing to hear about God. It's sincere and simple message of hope will give a promise of peace and joy to those willing to hear. 

Please welcome our new Director Of Marketing & Sales

Larry B. Bertram

 Born in Louisville, KY, Larry "B" knows what it means to value God and family. At the age of 8, his Father (Earl Bertram, a police officer) was in a tragic accident while on duty. The result of the accident left two Ft Knox soldiers dead and Earl in a coma for nearly 5 years before passing on. ​