I sat alongside Rapunzel as she draped her gorgeous hair down the side of a tower. I shared a box car with other children. I've zoomed to faraway planets and lived as an alligator, a wise wizard, a fairy godmother, and a private eye. Books have always been my portal to adventures.

​My career journey has taken me from a teacher to a principal, to a college instructor, and into retirement as a writer. With 38 exciting years in education, I've gathered many ideas for creating children's manuscripts. I look forward to sharing them with my readers.

My dream is to hear a child say, "Read it again!" and know they're pleading for one of my books.

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Owner/ Mountain Guide at Alpine Expeditions and currently on an expedition to the highest point on the earth.

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Band Leader at The Ricardo Pena Band

Former Musician at Blues

Former Expert Consultant at HISTORY

Former Expedition Leader at National Geographic

Studied Piano Performance at University at Buffalo
Bill Clark sends what he calls Ramblings :-)
I’ve been thinking back over the past year and reflecting on my musical journey. It amazes me how one’s life can change.
I’ve lived most of my life working ranches, taking care of cattle, and doing everything that goes with that life style.
 NO MORE! Music has always been a part of my life. Now it is my life.
This past year has been awesome. First of all getting to work with my friend and producer, Ken Dravis of Aspen Leaf Recording. Ken helped me produce a top notch album, 

The Man I Am; the album won the 2016 country western album of the year with National Traditional Music Association, NTMA.

I toured with my good friend, Doris Pattee. Doris is a very talented lady, and she did all of the booking and public relations work, as we traveled across the western U.S.

What made the tour worthwhile?  All the wonderful people I met. 
What a blessing to discover that many people still enjoy 
good old fashion country music! I love small town country folks.

My red couch interview, during 
The 2017 Redstarr Entertainment Magazine Homecoming, 
 Sandy Hardin was also a highlight of my musical journey.

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