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Letter from our editor:
As we have an ever changing industry, the one thing that doesn't change is exposure.
If you don't let people know about your products, there are no sales or growth.

I personally want to thank each and every person for all of your support and encouragement for our members.

They are special people with special gifts that should be shared with the world.

2015 is the 19th year for REM and our teams are working to create more shows, more opportunites and more growth.

                                       Sandy Hardin
                   Founder & President, REM

May 2015 Issue
Don & Mel winning awards in 2015
Wade Jackson is a long
time member of REM.  He
is a great songwriter with
with No. 1 hits and is a 
great asset to the music

Our very special members 
Don Joy and Melanie
Berhorst recorded a great
tribute album in Wade
Jackson's honor, along with
other great CD's.

Don & Mel are traveling
the globe with their very
cool Traditional Country
music and are winning

​Check out this video with cameos and leading roles
with stars like Wade Jackson, Melanie Lynn
and Don Joy.  

Don & Mel
are having a ball with thier
career and the harmonies
just keep coming.

REM is very proud to have
these two as friends and a
great working relationship.

Wade Jackson's hit song 
"Don't Be Angry" is a 
legendary song by a 
legendary man who is
causing more legends in
Don and Mel.