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Runway model at small and large arenas such as Louisvile Gardens 

Photo shoots with Jose Amigo
Clothing model
Stand - in for  Alexandera Shipp 
Worked with the film Tragedy Girls ( June 2016 ) and Monumental (August 2106 )
Fashion model for Willlie Martins seasonal clothing shows 
Worked with the Movie Momster and stand in for Jessica Blackmore in the new film Momster ( March 2017 ) , ( April 2017 ) photo shoots with Ross , (May 2017 ) photo shoots with JCpenny , ( July 2017 ) photo shoots with Khols .

From the desk of Larry B Bertram
Author/Writer and
Director Of Marketing and Sales at RedStarr Entertainment Magazine

The more I research REM (RedStarr Entertainment Magazine), the faster I realize what an enormous store of information this talented lady brings to the table. REM was founded over two decades ago by Sandy Hardin.

 I was fortunate to know her from high school and when I moved back to KY from CA, we sat down and discussed where she would like to take her baby, REM. Originally the concept was to introduce new musical talent to the entertainment industry. NOW, she wants to expand to the entire entertainment mecca, to include anyone that does anything with regards to this vast industry. I have been asked to join Miss Sandy in her vision. The more I hear, the more I'm convinced that she is about to go stellar. I will be assisting in Marketing and Sales. I have had my share of success and hard work. Now, I look forward to having some fun. 

Sandy says, "Their success becomes my success and I love what I do". How can you go wrong with an attitude that giving? Larry "B"
Mentored by old cowboys and old horses, TJ learned honesty, humor, respect, trustworthiness, and strength of character. Wild cattle and younger horses taught him mental and physical brawn, and developed in him a measure of toughness and tenacity.

Interwoven with these forces was the powerful oral history of the cowboy, which T. J. was steeped in through poems, stories and songs, passed down from those who’d gone before. That culture became woof and warp of his soul, so that the songs and poems spawned there today bear witness to his cowboy heritage.

​Spending two thirds of his life in a saddle, working with cattle and horses on ranches across the West, gives TJ's words and music demonstrate an authenticity impossible to manufacture . . . they are truly “of the land. “ Being onstage as an entertainer nationwide across the last three decades has give TJ's words, music, and presentation a polish and presence impossible to manufacture . . . they are truly “for the audience.”

When this larger-than-life artist steps under the spotlight, looks you in the eye, and begins to sing, the cowboy from his soul communicates with you ... you live the song, the poem, the story.