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Sam Brooks puts his career in overdrive :-)
For joining the acting industry in July 2017, Sam Brooks has been staying rather busy. He had his TV debut playing the lead role on the show "Your Worst Nightmare" on the Investigation Discovery Channel, has been in 3 student films, 2 music videos, 2 commercials, and 2 web series (season 2 of 80/20 by Vicktory Entertainment on Youtube & Control on Fanfest.com). Moreover, he booked the lead to a new web series based in Nashville, which he is currently shooting and he has just booked the main supporting lead role in his first ever feature film, which begins shooting in May. Last but not least he and some of his co-workers have started their own production company in Nashville, TN. They have been filming self-taped auditions and reel footage for fellow actors to help raise money to upgrade their equipment so that they can effectively and efficiently begin to start shooting short films, web series, music
 videos, sketch comedies, and more.

Congradulations are in order for Vin Morreale as his Pilot Script is Now a FINALIST!
NEVADA BLUE has now moved up from Semi-Finalist to FINALIST in TV WRITER'S People's Pilot Screenwriting Contest! The EIGHTH national writing contest that this original script has either won or placed in recently.

Nevada Blue Piccoletti was named after the state her aging hippie Mom always wanted to get divorced in, and the color of the van she was conceived in. Attractive, charming, sarcastic and fiercely intelligent, she takes on the Good 'Ol Boy Network, Dixie Mafia, and a quirky collection of Southern criminals.

NEVADA BLUE is a light hearted procedural about a Kentucky-based female detective. In addition to trying to raise funds to shoot the pilot here in Kentucky, I will be adapting the script to a novel by the end of the year.

President and founder of Redstarr Entertainment Magazine 
Sandy Hardin  is working to keep her nick name "The Connector" alive and kicking.   Hosting Vin Morrelle's Acting Class,  preparing for a galley showing of her art,  and putting the puzzle of movie making together for her up and coming movie series "Wings & Daggers".   A true life adventure saga.   Always looking for new playmates in making things happen.

Appearing in Hallmarks JL Ranch and Mom And Dad starring Nicolas Cage, Adam Wayne keeps the creative juices flowing with "Keep On Pushing Ahead"  a new 12 song album for sale at www.adamwayne.net . We can now ship it right to your door. We are exited to tell you we have new songs and radio singles coming this Spring. Keep requesting those songs at your favorite radio stations, we are starting to get heard!

Brett Mahoney is gearing up for the prime of the movie making season again this year.  Looking for that special role.   Brett also builds scale models and is an artist in many ways.  Humor is something that is creeping to the surface in his acting future.

Nick Hall reports in:   Woo hoo it's movie check day just got my third and fourth checks for acting in film.
I'm excited!!!!
This is big like really big for me at this point I consider myself an unstoppable Jedi sent here to possibly save the planet .

Jimmy James has worked in many movie roles in his career as a professional actor which include the North and South, ABC TV mini series - part 1 and 2, and was later cast again in Heaven and Hell, a Warner Brothers television mini series.
Jimmy is known on the screen for his southern charm and was discovered by Hollywood working and horseback riding with the late Superstar and friend Patrick Swayze who helped guide him into an acting career in Los Angeles and across the USA .
Thus, culminating in a role in Texas with Warner Brothers television .
Jimmy James the country star has returned home to South Carolina where he is a formidable voice to be heard in Country Music with two top 40 hits : Hot Summer Nights and Can't Lie to God , both on i-tunes and Youtube.
He is also known as an accomplished screenwriter having received an honorable mention at the Sundance Film Festival recently Jimmy is working on a new album and movie.

Producer Sean Burton Saunders is having a serious production meetings for the exciting new movie series #DerVertrag 

 Der Vertrag ( Translation: "The contract", German) is a series following the lives of Private Security Contractors and how they live outside of the job. It takes place in the Louisville KY and New Albany IN.

We are excited to introduce to you our newest Redstarr Entertainment Magazine member, 
Rhea Roma
Rhea lives in Hollywood, CA currently producing more movie projects with major players in the biz. :-)