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Marty Pollio
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Letter from our editor:
As we bring in another exciting year in the entertainment world.

I personally want to thank each and every person for all of your support and encouragement for our members.

They are special people with special gifts that should be shared with the world.

2015 is the 19th year for REM and our teams are working to create more shows, more opportunites and more growth.
                                       Sandy Hardin
                   Founder & President, REM
Marty Pollio is a seasoned pro who is a multitalented and extremely versatile performer. He incorporates his subtle and intelligent stand-up style along with juggling and physical-comedy into a tightly choreographed, mesmerizing act that has been a favorite of television shows and corporate buyers alike. 

 Having grown up the son of a racketeer in Louisville Kentucky, one of Marty's high school jobs was delivering the "gifts" to the local cops and judges. When he wasn’t busy being a bagman, he was slowly getting inspired to perform by admiring the work of such artists as Dick Van Dyke and Carlos Santana (if you see his act, you will understand this). 
After moving to Los Angeles, Marty amassed credits that include multiple appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, (even one of Johnny’s New Year’s Eve Specials!), as well as being on the show with Jay Leno. Jerry Lewis invited Marty to be on his annual Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, and Penn and Teller had him on their "Sin City Spectacular", taped in Las Vegas (Marty's magic spoof is a favorite among his peers). He has also performed part of this act in the movie “Punchline” with Tom Hanks and Sally Field, and has had recurring parts on many television shows, including Night Court, Empty Nest, and Blossom ...yes, that's right, Blossom.
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