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He's Back!!!

LEAD Guitarist/ LEAD & Harmony VOCALS/ SONGWRITER/ Studio PRODUCER at Studio Session Player and *NASHVILLE RECORDING ARTIST at Guitar Slinger, Vocalist, Songwriter

Visit his FB for information about up and coming shows.
Writing Up A Storm!!!

.On stage this evening in another town for your listening pleasure-the one, the only-your friend and mine-PJ Steelman.

PJ has a new CD called 
When The Evening Falls
 for sale, please do check it out.  A great writer and a really great friend.

Bats, Cows, Chickens  Drones and Much More!!!

An author of many types of books.  Gail has a new children's book out called Fang Sang, which was illustrated by Sandy Hardin, President and Founder of Redstarr Entertainment Magazine.  For more information, please visit Amazon.
He's a picker,
 a grinner, a broker,  and a stoker of super songs.

Timmy McDonald is our Canadian jewel.  Very talented indeed.

Keep in touch with him and help celebrate his retirement and all the ventures and adventures.

On the road again with his 2016 Music Tour

Working on a new CD with new players and new up and coming shows with new agents.

With new T-shirts for sale and three CD's Johnnie is ready to rock and roll.

Dale Scharre
PJ Steelman
Gail Kamer
Timmy McDonald
Johnnie Branham