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This is a trailer for the Nicholas Cage/Selma Blair movie MOM & DAD. 

 REM member Vin Morreale of VSM Entertainment put nearly 900 extras in, two dozen stunt performers, and a half-dozen speaking parts at full SAG rate. Crazy fun!!!   More REM members in this movie are Nick HallRay Haste, Adam Wayne and Sandy Hardin.
What happens when a group of Private Military Contractors get caught up in a domestic problem of drugs, trafficking, and weapons dealing being brought to the city by different crime cells.  
You see Producer Sean Burton Saunders on the red carpet of the new up and coming series Der Vertrag.

Producer: Sean Burton Saunders​
Director: Herschel Zahnd
Writer: Clint Parks
Steve Bowers and Sandy Lucas-Hardin team up to do some radio again on WDXI-AM/FM and Streamed from EPlusTV6.com

Steve and Sandy cut up and carry on pretty good as they have had some practice doing shows in the past.