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July 2015 Issue
Milliea Taylor McKinney, is an International Award winning songwriter her accomplishments range from her contributions as a successful songwriter to the formation of her now companies in Conscious Music Entertainment. The company serves as an umbrella to many components of grass root project that offer opportunity and hope to an ailing society.

 Through the use of music she demonstrates how inner peace love and harmony can be obtained through the use of music and music education.
 She has shown us that Music Can Heal The World through her composition with the same title along with other compositions such as We Are Hope, a song embraced by Joel Osteen’s ministry Project Generation Hope. Ariel' Rising Embraced by author Denice Newton in a book that honors the top 50 women making a difference across the globe . 

 Other songs such as Come on People, co-written by successful Rocker’s Band Slinger.
 Her compassion to spread the word through music is only an outline of the many activities she is involved in. Her real passion is working with children mentoring the basic lesson of kindness as she shows them the power of music. Including her activities and support in the development of a sub-genre in Rhythm & Praise (R&P) with Award winning artist Kevin Lambert, through the International Music & Entertainment Association.
​For more about Milliea 

Recently Sheila Ray Charles recorded Milliea McKinney's latest tune Music Can Heal The World The single will be released later this year.

Rhythm & Praise Developes As A Genre' Under The Christian Category

CME and IMEA come together to honor conscious artist through the Conscious Music Entertainment Awards next fall 2016 all submissions can be sent to
cmeawards2015 @ gmail.com

Conscious Music Entertainment