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Clint Parks
Herschel Zahnd
Sean Burton
Der Vertrag ( Translation: "The contract", German) is a series following the lives of Private Security Contractors and how they live outside of the job. It takes place in the Louisville KY and New Albany IN 
Clint Parks has been acting for the past thirteen years in independent films.

Along with being one of the main writers he plays the character of Chris Hudson
Herschel Zahnd is an actor, singer, director, filmmaker, photographer, artist, and most recently, a
commercial drone pilot.
Sean Burton is a producer and CEO producer and host of VilleTV Network.  Louisville's premier interrnet entertainment network
Vernon Wells: Best known for his role in Road Warrior, Commando, and Weird science. He plays the role of Cooper Ryan, the team leader and main contractor. Mr. Wells will make his first appearance in the pilot and will continue throughout the series as the main role.  
Mykel Hawke: Best known for his show on the Discovery Channel, "Man Woman Wild", and retired Army Special Forces Captain, Mr. Hawke has given Ville TV Studios a Letter of Intent to be involved when the budget allows. He will be playing a moderate role as one of the team members but will act as a Technical adviser and training liaison for the intense action scenes.